Acer Aspire 4253 Universal Tip 19V

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Aspire 4253 Universal Tip 19V


Aspire 4253 Universal Tip 19V

  • Connettore/Power Jack: SmartTip System v9
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If you already own one of the 2-Power branded, multi-tip AC/DC Power Adapters or External Battery packs shown on this page, this tip will allow you to use it with a Acer Aspire 4253.

Please note:
You should only purchase this tip if you need an additional / spare tip for use with your existing 2-Power branded, multi-tip adapter or external battery. This tip will only fit 2-Power products with removeable tips, and it will not work with adapters from any other manufacturer.


PSA VPN VP-JT9AVB (• Cos'è?)
Garanzia 1 anno
Ruolo del prodotto per l'alimentazione Universal Tip , Power jack to use with Universal products
Voltaggio 19 V
Peso 4 g
Forma L-shape
Charger Battery Ports 0
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